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Access and Benefit Sharing

Access to genetic heritage and associated traditional knowledge and its arising benefits sharing is regulated by Law 13,123 and Decree 8.772. In an international context, the same concepts have been ratified by more than 92 countries until March 2017 under the Nagoya Protocol.

Beraca Institute guides the interested parties to comply with Brazilian law requirements and assists in the legal process of access to the genetic heritage or associated traditional knowledge. Besides, Beraca Institute maintains a project bank drawn up from participatory planning in various territories (and can carry out this planning for other areas), so that the non-monetary Benefit Sharing resource becomes a more relevant investment for communities, thus achieving their desired socio-environmental impact.

It means that, if a company needs to make a benefit breakdown of $5,000 or $100,000, it can assure it invests in a project that is relevant to a community and will have disered impact. Beraca Institute acts in the monitoring & evaluation of Benefit Sharing projects so that its clients can monitor and disseminate these results.


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