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Babaçu Connection Project

Community cultural entrepreneurship direct to the capital

  • Babaçu Connection Project
  • Babaçu Connection Project
  • Babaçu Connection Project

Communities in Brazil face an increasingly challenging to resist in their lands, without resorting to deforestation. The ways to keep these communities cultural identity is the use of their ancestral languages, the revival of spiritual rituals or the making of millenary handicrafts. Brazil faces many careless indigenous peoples. Now, with the appreciation of these traditions for niche markets, new opportunities open up.

In favour of this autonomous structure of communities, Beraca Institute signed a partnership agreement with Aron Birmann Foundation, São Paulo's Burle Marx Park administrator, for the establishment of indigenous communities handicrafts sales point, mainly necklaces and bracelets of Babaçu, Cupuaçu, Coconut, Açai and Bullseye seed.

Thanks to the cupuaçu shell bracelet posted on Facebook and appreciated by the creator of the Aron Birmann Foundation, the idea arose to bring 20 units of the bracelet to a market investigation. It now enlarges it with the Babaçu Connection store.

Beraca Institute identifies suppliers, curates the products and parts and transports them to Burle Marx Park for commercialisation. Most of the sales values go to the community (on average 70%). The remain covers sales point marketing, maintenance and administrative costs.

To date, four communities are suppliers of the pieces, each with its. Santa Luzia Community, in Tomé Açu, produces the cupuaçu shell bracelet; the indigenous population of the Paiter-Suruí, uses the babassu as raw material of their arts; the Alto Marajó Cooperative of Artisans involves various islands and their tides rich in organic material from the rivers for acai and bullseye seeds handicrafts; and also communities in Piauí, adding seeds and native woods from caatinga to the craftsmanship.

Beraca Institute is a non-profit organisation that understands social entrepreneurship structuring actions as of great importance for environmental protection, either in the generation of income for the communities or the well-being of the universe and the overcoming of extreme situations, such as drought. We aim to reduce deforestation by offering income-generating opportunities to households. Thus, if non-agricultural and non-logging products generate income, deforestation is reduced.

Beraca, the founder of the Beraca Institute, has always valorized communities raw materials directly to the final product. In this partnership, Beraca Institute offers marketing advice for non-agricultural products, such as handicrafts.

The Babassu Connection store inaugurated on November 25th. If you are near Sao Paulo, do not miss the Burle Marx Park, and see how entrepreneurship promotes autonomy and local development for various locations in our country.