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Mixed Cooperative of the Family Farmers of Caetés - COOMAC.

Visit to the communities of Bragança, Pará.

  • Mixed Cooperative of the Family Farmers of Caetés - COOMAC.
  • Mixed Cooperative of the Family Farmers of Caetés - COOMAC.
  • Mixed Cooperative of the Family Farmers of Caetés - COOMAC.

Patrick Sandre, an economist and Instituto Beraca volunteer, made a visit to COOMAC Cooperative Headquarters in Bragança, PA, at the request of Beraca Institute. The intention was to understand small vegetable oil plant and to present proposals for community tourism as an income generation and also developed products dissemination.

The city of Bragança is in a region with robust indigenous features and has a rich history. It is important to highlight some town peculiarities, such as the famous water-flour, the beauty of Ajuruteua beach, the virtue of colours, sounds and people during the Marujadatraditional festival. Moreover, the rural population that carefully crosses the changes to the contemporary world.

The Cooperative comes from the need for representation for family farmers in  Caeté region of Bragança. In 2010, COOMAC was founded, initially, with three objectives: to preserve the environment, generate income for family farmers and promote social integration.

COOMAC, works with the development of vegetables and fruits family agriculture. It also runs collection and sales of oilseeds such as Buriti, Bacuri, Murumuru, Andiroba and Ucuuba. The farmers of the cooperative are looking for a partner organisation that assists in production, marketing, distribution and that contributes to sustainable rural development.

Concerning community tourism, Cearazinho and Urupiuna communities present great potential, as they already develop the reception of tourists interested in experiencing the routine of the residents of these villages. The result of walking in the woods is rewarding, taking advantage of a transparent  Igarapé of Urupiuna waters bath and being able to taste the Caldeirada de Peixe, made with local fish, vegetables, eggs and coconut milk.

The visit ends at one of the community highest point houses. The café with tapioca, the stories of Seu Carlos - one of the oldest inhabitants of the region - the sunset, the centuries-old trees, the sound of millions of birds and the tranquillity of the forest is the record of this incredible experience. According to Patrick: " It provides an approximation of the peasant origins, awareness of agro-ecological activities for the maintenance of natural resources and greater social integration in the exchange of knowledge. "

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