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About us

The best thing you can do for your neighbour is not just to share your wealth with him, but to reveal his own.

Benjamin Disraeli

Beraca Institute is part of Beraca operation, a leading supply company of natural and organic ingredients composed of assets extracted from the Amazon and other Brazilian biomes.

Our mission is to dream of social transformation together with vulnerable communities and, through access to differentiated markets, activate sustainable local economies that guarantee the preservation and restoration of the environment, the continuity of cultural diversity and the rescue of human dignity impacted by poverty.

What do we do

Happiness is little moments well spent and shared with whoever.

Ariadne Oliver
Access to genetic heritage, associated traditional knowledge and benefit sharing is governed by international and national law. Beraca Institute guides those interested in complying with the requirements of these laws.
Moreover, Beraca Institute maintains a project bank elaborated through participatory planning in several territories (and can carry out this planning for other areas), so that investments are more pertinent to communities and reaches its socio-environmental prospect impact.

Planning is natural to the human being: motivated by some problem, accompanied by the hope of achieving change, we propose a desirable future

Managing the productive chain means knowing the path of non-timber forest products from their origin to commercialisation.
Beraca Institute seeks to ensure that non-timber forest products come from vulnerable communities whose residents find a positive market insertion for their community development and follow sustainable practices.

When one realises that it is contrary to his dignity to obey unjust laws, no tyranny can enslave.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
We understand that Beraca Institute activities take place within an innovation framework regarding community development in the context of the supply of non-timber forest products, essential for several Brazilian biomes sustainable use.
We believe our work dissemination is relevant to our mission enhancement. Participation in sectoral and governmental events occurs in the same direction.

We are responsible for our life quality and our effect exerted on others, constructive or destructive, either by example or direct influence.

Alfred Montapert
We build our social projects from the needs of each organisation. We have established a strategy for social impact sustainable outcomes, with timelines and costs, and community involvement in the active development of the projects.
We believe that, like any investment, we must identify risks in the processes and assess the results achieved in social nature projects, so that our concern with planning, monitoring and evaluation of the activities performed is constant.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.

Robert Nesta Marley
As a third sector entity, Beraca Institute prepares action proposals following the context of its supporter
In this way, we develop action plans with public and private institutions aiming at providing a sustainable response to identified local problems.

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If partnership exists, communities win.
If partnership exists, communities win.
Instituto Beraca | Nov. 1, 2018, 2:21 p.m.
Piauí is part of a large national area marked by drought, having in its hinterlands regions of extreme aridity and permanent challenges. Since the late 1980s, the climate has changed due to fires and deforestation, and in some territories, even desertification has occurred. These occurrences affected rural settlements that were formerly productive and resilient to drought. Now, some communities are tied to the context of the water truck, constantly living without water.
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Babaçu Connection Project
Babaçu Connection Project
| Oct. 25, 2018, 3:53 p.m.
Communities in Brazil face an increasingly challenging to resist in their lands, without resorting to deforestation. The ways to keep these communities cultural identity is the use of their ancestral languages, the revival of spiritual rituals or the making of millenary handicrafts. Brazil faces many careless indigenous peoples. Now, with the appreciation of these traditions for niche markets, new opportunities open up.
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Mixed Cooperative of the Family Farmers of Caetés - COOMAC.
Mixed Cooperative of the Family Farmers of Caetés - COOMAC.
Instituto Beraca | Oct. 25, 2018, 3:17 p.m.
Patrick Sandre, an economist and Instituto Beraca volunteer, made a visit to COOMAC Cooperative Headquarters in Bragança, PA, at the request of Beraca Institute. The intention was to understand small vegetable oil plant and to present proposals for community tourism as an income generation and also developed products dissemination.
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